Gold Coast Cat Club Inc holds one cat show annually.
See our Shows page for full information.


The following State and Gold Coast City Council legal requirements are  binding and enforceable:

· It is a Queensland Government requirement that all kittens/cats must be microchipped prior to sale, gift or transfer. 

This is the seller’s legal responsibility.

The following Gold Coast City Council laws are applicable:

· Obtaining a breeder permit and/or an excess animal permit is compulsory where applicable


· Desexing of kittens is compulsory prior to sale unless sold to a registered breeder (or if desexing the animal is likely to be a serious risk to the animal’s health). 


See here for a Comprehensive copy of the document outlining the discussions.  
Any questions may be directed to Barbara or Michele (see Contacts page).



Club Members Please Note:

We respectfully request that all club members be so advised to be very respectful of any company or persons within the pet industry, especially on social media, should you have a personal issue with them. 

You are reminded never to mention the Gold Coast Cat Club and by so doing bring the club into disrepute. 

In the event of this happening, your attention is drawn to the following Clause in our Constitution: Clause 8 Section (2) (iv)